01 | WORDS

On average, we speak 16,000 words a day.
Words are our most abundant currency and most influential resource.
What kind of world will you build with your words?

This week's Practice

Daily, take 10 minutes for silence.

Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. Begin with the morning prayer (below), and invite God to speak in the midst of stillness, silence, and solitude. 

Throughout your day, be mindful of the words you use and the world they point to. In each encounter, seek to "bless rather than curse” (Romans 12:14).

Be attentive to the power of your words and the spirit in which you speak them. Remember that there is a time to keep silence and a time to speak, and your words can be used to tear down as well as build up (Ecclesiastes 3:7). 

This week's DAILY Prayer

god, even in silence, speak.
let my words be used to
bring blessing, beauty, and
healing to the world.

This week For Kids & Families

Go over the list below with your kids and talk about which ones they’d like to try each day (or pick one to try together as a family). Follow up about how it went at the end of each day.

Ways to bless others:
- Smile at everyone you see
- Slip a nice note in your friend’s backpack
- Compliment five people
- Draw a picture and give it to someone
- Help someone younger than you
- Hug your friends
- Give an apple or a note to your teacher
- Hold the door open for someone
- Give out lots of high fives
- Take time during a meal to share something you love about everyone in your family.


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