our minds and hearts are often drawn

to all of you who have played

pivotal roles in various seasons

of Open Door's life

but are now living, working, and playing

in other places and spaces. 


Our hunch, HEART, & hope is that our

experience of shared formation

in the way of Jesus

IS NOT limited by

our geographical proximity.




Few things have the ability to unite, challenge,
and encourage as powerfully as honestly shared stories.

We believe in the formative and shaping power of communal storytelling.
We're constantly collecting, telling, and sharing Everyday Stories.

Would you share one of yours using our EVERYDAY STORY page?


Whether we're traveling on a learning immersion,
digitally connecting in a Circle, or taking time in retreat,
we'd love to have you join us.
You are always welcome. 

Watch our calendar for opportunities;
or be in touch with an idea of your own.



We'd love to stay in touch, hear how you're doing, and be in regular prayer for you. 

Would you keep us updated?

You can use the form below to share your update with the local Open Door family (or, if you wish, just the staff & Steward Team).

Once we get your update and permission, we'll add you to the Open Door Afar Map!

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