The Banner of Open Door Kids

Nine weeks ago, Open Door Kids started a new journey through the Bible to discover who God is, who we are in Jesus, and how to discern the Holy Spirit’s movement in our lives. Here’s a brief overview of the last several weeks:

  1. God Redeems: From the beginning of creation, God has had a plan to redeem and restore everything that is broken.
  2. God Keeps his Word: Noah’s story shows that what God’s promises will be fulfilled.
  3. God is Lord of All: God establishes himself as the one and true God above all the other false gods through Abraham’s life.
  4. God Blesses: Jacob’s life reveals the ways God can bless his people even when we do not make the right choices.
  5. God is Good: Through Joseph’s life, we see how God can use all circumstances for good and how he never abandons us even when everything seems hopeless.
  6. Remember and Celebrate: We took time to share and celebrate all of the ways God has been good in our lives.
  7. God is Enough: The exodus from Egypt demonstrates God’s power and provision against all odds. 

Last Sunday, the Younts led Open Door Kids through the Israelites’ time in the dessert. The Israelites spent this time completely depending on God for everything—their food, drink, shelter and direction.  In the wilderness, the Israelites followed God as He led them with a cloud of fire. Whenever the cloud moved, the Israelites followed. And whenever they followed, they walked within their family groups, or tribes, under each family’s banner. These banners helped people find their way back to their families if they got lost and reminded the people that they were part of a community as God’s chosen people.

Our kids brainstormed together to come up with an Open Door Banner. The results were beautiful and inspiring.

You’ll get to see our Open Door Kids Banner next week at the Gathering:-)

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us!