Open Door Budget/Resource Update (October 2015)

Our Resource Team recently offered a snapshot of Open Door Finances through the close of our Fiscal Year (June 30) and an update on our financial situation since then.

Here's a capture of the audio and a few slides that were referenced.

We believe in the strategic potential of a local body of Jesus followers to participate in God’s unfolding kingdom. The methodology God’s invited us to organize around (Gatherings, Circles, and Kids) involves strategic space and paid staff, requiring carefully-budgeted resources and depending upon the faithful generosity of the local community.

As an organization, we strive towards a lean and effective budget. We believe in and celebrate local staff as catalysts for equipping and mobilizing the formation of our community. We focus on relational formational ministry in all the places we live, work and play and therefore seek to minimize and decentralize programs, overhead, and budgets wherever possible.

Because we exist to cultivate followers of Jesus, it is our expectation (and hopefully yours!) that through shared experiences, conversations, meals, etc. you will be formed more deeply into life in the Way of Jesus and that a ‘family of sojourners’ exists for and contributes to the good of the world God is creating. 

If you have any questions, please contact!