April 19 Steward Team Update


Steward Team Update #3
April 19, 2015

Future Staffing

After discernment and prayer over Open Door’s upcoming season, Steward Team voted upon and approved a staff structure including Dave’s role and three new positions.  

  • Pastor of Mission and Directional Leader (Dave). In this position, Dave will champion and develop our formation through the ongoing expression of Circles, guide the staff and continue to develop and equip for our ongoing and expanding mission and identity.
  • Pastor of Worship and Formation (new hire). This full time pastoral position will champion and develop our formation through Gatherings with particular attention to worship through music and other avenues of formation.
  • Pastor of Kids and Family Formation (new hire). This part time pastoral position (15-20 hours/week) will champion and develop Open Door Kids with attention to the integration of families into the holistic cultivation of the Open Door family.
  • Admin (new hire). This part time role (5-10 hours/week) will support the infrastructure of Open Door as needed.

More information regarding job descriptions and the hiring processes will be available soon. If you have any questions, please contact a member of Steward Team or email Ben Johanson, Steward Team's chair at ben@opendooreastbay.com.

Steward Team Transition

On April 19, the Steward Team transition process will begin with the intention of having two new members in place this June. Please consider setting aside Monday, April 27 for a day of praying, fasting, and discernment around Steward Team nominations.

In addition to Ben Johanson and Tony Collins completing their terms on Steward Team, Alison Knox will be finishing her role on Steward Team as well due to her impending move to Portland. Former Steward Team member Kerry O’Brien has been asked to complete the remainder of Alison’s term and has accepted. Due to the nature and timing of staffing transition, we have timed this year's transition to have overlap between the welcoming of new members and the transition of Ben, Tony, and Alison to provide additional guidance and leadership in this season.

Nominating (April 19-April 26) 
The Elder transition process will be introduced at Sunday's Gathering and the nomination process laid out. The community is invited to send nominations (name + 2-3 reasons this person is qualified) to Brooke Arnett (brooke@opendooreastbay.com) by April 26. 

Discerning (April 27)
A cross section of Open Door leaders and guides will spend time in prayer and fasting before convening to consider, affirm and discern six candidates from the pool of nominees. The names of these candidates will be sent to Steward Team. On Monday, April 27, you are invited to fast and pray along with this discernment team.

Inviting (April 27-May 24)
Steward Team will meet, pray, and discern over the six candidates, ultimately interviewing and introducing two candidates to Open Door at our Gathering on May 24.

Reconciling (May 24-June 6)
As followers of Jesus, reconciliation is an essential practice. After the two candidates are introduced, the candidates and community alike are invited and encouraged to pursue any reconciling conversations needed to name and address any relational distance that may be present within the Open Door family.  

Commissioning (June 7)
Following the reconciling phase, the two candidates will be commissioned into their term on Steward Team at our Sunday Gathering. 

If you have any questions or comments, send them to ben@opendooreastbay.com. Steward Team’s next meeting is on April 20. Stay tuned!

 With gratitude,

Ben, Brendan, Rebecca, Alison, Tony and Heidi