Steward Team Nominations (due this week!)

The Role of Steward Team at Open Door


The Scriptures speaks of the church as a community led by Jesus and supported by the leadership of Jesus-looking women and men who steward the cultivation of a particular community in a particular place. The Scriptures speak of this leadership community as elders and at Open Door our elders make up our Steward Team. 1 Timothy 3 lays out a series of qualifications for elders: they are to be above reproach, self-controlled, self-aware, respectful, hospitable, gentle in disagreement, generous, care well for their family, not brand new to their faith, and have a good reputation with those outside this community.

Our Steward Team is tasked with living life in the Way of Jesus, overseeing the health and mission of our community, and training and guiding Open Door to continually live out what we hear Jesus saying to us. So there’s attention to their own hearts and own lives – their journey of following Jesus – as well as to the community’s journey of following Jesus, and they’re actively moving between those two and inviting others into the journey of life in the way of Jesus.

This is an important season for our Steward Team as we will be continuing to walk through staffing transitions and grow into our mission of cultivation to the entirety of our Open Door family.

Two of our Steward Team members – Ben Johanson and Tony Collins – will be completing their terms on Steward Team this summer, so we will be nominating and inviting two new elders onto Steward Team. In addition to Ben and Tony, Alison Knox will be stepping away her role on Steward Team as well due to her impending move to Portland. Former Steward Team member Kerry O’Brien has been asked to complete the remainder of Alison’s term and has accepted.

Nominations for Steward Team are due this Sunday, April 26.

Send nominations (name + 2-3 reasons this person is qualified to serve on Steward Team) to Brooke Arnett (