Introducing our Pastor of Kids and Family Formation!

Open Door-

It's such a thrill to introduce Caitlyn Littrell as our Pastor of Kids and Family Formation!

Months ago our Steward Team started praying and dreaming about what God's invitation was for this next season of Open Door's life. It became clear that dedicating time and resources to the flourishing and formation of our kids and families was a wise and necessary investment. True to our identity and mission, we knew any staff focus in this area needed to be holistic, relational and formational. 

When we began conversations with Caitlyn, it was clear she was a terrific fit for this role. Caitlyn's life is oriented towards Jesus. Her posture is towards faithfulness. Her and Ryan's parenting is marked by adventure, curiosity and the formation of theirkids. Through seasons of both joy and difficulty, she's learned to listen to the Spirit, trust in the goodness of Jesus and step forward into God's unfolding story.

Caitlyn is trained as a teacher, superb as a mom and wife, gifted as a writer and artist, and humble as a learner in the way of Jesus. She brings all of these giftings and experiences to the table in order to resource, equip, and care well for the kidsand families of Open Door!

As Caitlyn begins this journey, will you take a moment and pray for her? 

Send her a note of encouragement and join me in celebrating what God's up to in our midst!



Hello! I am so excited to introduce myself and begin as the Pastor of Kids and Family Formation at Open Door.  My family and I moved down to the East Bay Area last June from Southern Oregon.  We have three wonder-boys: Liam (8), Sawyer (5), and Everett (3).
My husband, Ryan, and I grew up in Oregon and have never lived anywhere else.  All of our extended family lives in Oregon, and we have loved raising our boys surrounding by so much family.  Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After the intensity of that battle subsided, we felt God leading us to make a lot of changes.  Ryan closed the company he owned in Oregon, I resigned from my teaching position, and we moved down here for Ryan’s new job.
We left a fabulous community up in Oregon, and so we actively sought a new community down here.  Within weeks of our move, we found Open Door and have been humbled and overwhelmed by the huge impact this has made on our whole family.  We have been challenged, inspired, embraced, and loved by the wonderful Open Door people, and we already feel like we’re with family when we go to the Gatherings every Sunday.  When all of the transition plans were being announced at the beginning of this year, Ryan and I began praying about how we could serve this community through all of the changes; we hoped to be able to give back to this church that has given us so much.
My heart leapt when I read the job posting for the Pastor of Kids and Family Formation.  I knew I had to put myself out there for this opportunity.  Every step of the interview process and the weeks since I accepted the position has confirmed God’s hand in this plan for me and his plan for the church (I’d love to share more about that with anyone—so feel free to ask!) I am so thankful to be able to serve my church community in this position.  Open Door has already created a church and community environment that facilitates our kids’ growth in their faith and their understanding of what it means to follow Jesus at every age.  I can’t wait to further this and explore different ways to follow Jesus as individual families and as a church family. 
My first goal is to do a lot of listening!  I want to hear about your experiences, hopes, and dreams for our kids and families at Open Door.  I’m going to seek a lot of you out, but please come after me too!  I look at the people God has brought into this community, from the babies growing in their mama’s tummies all the way up, and I feel the thrill of something beyond our imaginations.  Thank you for welcoming me into this community and for doing this adventure with me!