What Kids Do: An Invitation into Practice

Brendan's teaching this week in our Play journey focused on God as a good parent

The good parent gives a gift when the child asks. A relationship is mandatory in this context.  

Prayer Practice.

What aren’t you asking for? A good parent delights in giving their child something good when they ask for it. So maybe your prayer to God this week is “Teach me what is good.” And then ask for it.

Everyday Spiritual Practice.

Pick something from this list of things children do and practice doing that this week in your relationship with God. 

They cry, ask questions, play, laugh, get frustrated when communication breaks down, push away and pull close. They are comfortable not knowing, yet have an insatiable thirst to learn. They experiment. They make mistakes. They love easily. They become angry when their parent doesn’t give them the answer they want or when the parent SEEMS too busy for them. Children explore, they take chances, they open everything and get into it all. They enjoy new foods, new experiences. They mimic their siblings and their parents. They fearlessly try new things, particularly through their mouths. They move, dance, sing, climb. They challenge authority to make sure it makes sense to them. They throw fits. They sleep A LOT. But more than anything else, they feel everything deeply, without filters.

What else do kids do? Will you try these practices this week?