Play: Becoming Kids Again (Our Summer Learning Journey)

Imagine waking up each and every morning with no plans except to play. Every movement, smell, and sight is filled with wonder. White sneakers and mud puddles are the makings of a beautiful mess. Every encounter is brimming with possibility and imagination.

This summer we’re embarking on a learning journey called Play: Becoming Kids Again. This learning journey is more than a teaching series; it’s a holistic, critical, and formative reorientation of our life learning to walk in the way of Jesus.
In Matthew 18, those closest to Jesus seek him out with a question. They ask:
Who’s the best, coolest, shiniest? Who’s your favorite? Who’s the greatest?
In response to that question of posturing and pandering, a desperate grasping for belonging and meaning, Jesus brings their attention to a little kid. He looks at the child and then tells his friends:
Unless you change and become like a kid, you’ll never enter God’s kingdom.
Unless we learn to play - to become kids again - we’ll never enter into life as God meant for it be lived.

Join us next Sunday - July 12 - as the journey begins!