#OpenDoorParables - An Invitation into Practice

A parable keeps the message at a distance, slows down comprehension, blocks automatic prejudicial reactions, dismantles stereotypes. (Eugene Peterson)

With Jesus, parables are not used to explain things to people’s satisfaction but to call attention to the unsatisfactoriness of all their previous explanations and understandings.
(Robert Farrar Capon)

The last few weeks, we've focused in on the way Jesus used parables to speak of 'this becoming world' of God's unfolding kingdom.

Here's an invitation into practice:

(1) Over the next week, read Mark 4, paying attention to what’s happening around you. 

Where do you see signs of God’s activity/movement around you?
Where is there hope?
Where is there beauty? 
How do you see redemption/transformation taking place?

(2) Craft a parable (or two or more!). 

Some parables Jesus tells are a single line, others longer. Some tell a story, others creatively phrase, image or depict how God is at work in the world.

Parables can be poems, pictures, songs, stories, equations. They can start with “The kingdom of God is like…” or something entirely different.    

(3) Share your parable. 

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At our January 31 Gathering