2016 is Here; Take Time to Retrospect!

Each year, we take the first week or two after Christmas for Retrospect, a time set aside to reflect back on the year and look forward as we begin the next. I'm convinced that this kind of intentional reflection is critical to our growth and formation in the way of Jesus.

On Sunday, Brendan guided us through his own personal journey of Retrospect and invited each of us into our own process of looking back and looking forward.

Using the three questions below, will you set aside 90 minutes this week (45 minutes looking back, 45 minutes looking forward) to Retrospect? 

(1) What were the key experiences God used to shape me in 2015?

(2) What was the key change internally/externally in the past year?

(3) What’s my focus moving forward into 2016?

This Sunday we'll share out pieces of our stories. As part of your reflection and formation, plan to share part of your own story this Sunday and find a family member or friend to share a bit deeper what you've been learning and what's on the horizon for you as you step into 2016!