Our Next Horizon Line (2016-17)

Each Fall, Open Door's Steward Team prayerfully discerns our community's next steps, arriving at what we call our Horizon Line. 

Our Horizon Line is the discerned direction we sense God leading us as a community in the next year; it's far enough away that we have to work toward it, but it's close enough to our grasp that with initiative and momentum we can reach the Horizon within 9 months or so. (And once we reach our Horizon, we look ahead and see a new Horizon that God is inviting us to move toward.)

Our Horizon Line is not a new mission or identity for our community, but is instead shaped by and fits within our Identity, Mission, and Dream which speak to our long term trajectory and aspirations. 

Horizon 1.jpg

As we look toward the coming year ahead, we sense God inviting us toward this Horizon Line:

En[courage] Open Door
into Extending and Risk-taking
Relationships and Practices

To move toward this Horizon, we have discerned these six Signposts, which map out the directions from where we currently stand to our Horizon line.

  1. Develop & Deepen Understanding of Our Extending & Risk-taking God

  2. Cultivate Faithful Presence in Our Neighborhoods & Broader East Bay

  3. Weaving Together Needs & Resources of the Open Door Family

  4. Jumping into the Big God Story (Our Kids are Invited into Adventure with God in the Here and Now!)

  5. De-center our own Story at Open Door & Broaden Our Vision of God’s Kingdom

  6. Deepen the Cultivation of an Unlikely Woven Family within Open Door


Steward Team will be giving updates on our Horizon Line at tonight's Gathering and throughout the year.

As a family sojourning together towards all that God is inviting us into, we invite your prayers and participation in our Horizon and Signposts.

Would you regularly pray for our next steps outlined above?

Would you consider whether there's a particular Signpost you'd like to help shape through conversation, action, or leadership?

Please be in touch with Steward Team if you have any questions!