Imagination and the First Sunday of Advent

The First Sunday of Advent, we considered how Advent is an invitation into a new imagination. Advent is a reminder and wake up call for us that God's imagination for redemption is bigger than our own, but through this season of waiting we are invited to stretch our imagination, envision God's work in our midst, and participate with God as heaven weaves back into earth.

Isaiah 2:1-5 offers a vision of God's imagination for the world around us - a stark difference to the world we currently inhabit. God's imagination is for new learning, new ambition, and new directions.

This Advent, how might we expand our imagination as we step toward and anticipate God's imagination for the world becoming a reality?


Isaiah invites us to "Come, walk by the Lord's Light" (Isaiah 2:5).

This Advent we are invited to step into God's imagination for our lives and for our world.


In our Gathering, we spent time creating an Advent project together and practicing centering prayer together (see HERE for an invitation into contemplative/centering prayer).