The "In" and "Of" Parable

As part of the #OpenDoorParables experiment, Kerry O'Brien shared this parable with the Open Door family:

The "In" and "Of" Parable

No comparison can be drawn between that which is made by the hands of a man and artwork signed by the Master. Crafting and Creation should never share a gallery showing. For you will walk past one to stand a gaze at the other.

The outcry of combustion and steel deadens the symphony that nature orchestrates.

Help me, O Lord, to silence the sounds of the city that I may listen to the whispers of the soul, so that instead of relaying it on the voices of others, your Spirit can speak to me directly.

Help me, O Lord, to separate "in the World" and "of the World", and reassemble them in a way that brings balance and focus back to your plan and not mine. For I am not the lead, but the understudy. The stage is yours.

The stage is always yours.