Encountering the Jesus who Heals

As part of our journey through Mark's Story of Jesus, last Sunday we took time in our Gathering to explore three different stories of healing we find in Mark.

Each story was represented by a station with printed copies of the story from the scriptures, prompts for prayer and reflection, and a tactile and experiential invitation to engage.

Below is a recap of the stations.

If you missed Sunday or are part of Open Door from afar, please feel free to engage these stations in your own space!


Twelve years.
Suffering under the care of many doctors. Spending everything she had.
Getting worse, not better.

And yet she has faith to reach out and touch a piece of cloth.

Take a piece of cloth and hang on tight. Hang tight to the piece of cloth, but also to the audacity of hope and faith to hold on. Even when the evidence seems contrary, we follow a God who sees us, a God who has not forgotten.

Hang on tight and pray. 

TALITHA KOUM (MARK 5:21-24 and 35-43

Consider the urgency of the situation and the frustration and disappointment of distractions and delays. Can you relate? What situation(s) come to mind?

This story finishes with Jesus telling those gathered to “give [this girl] something to eat!” Take a moment to consider the fullness of emotion and experience expressed in this passage - crying, urgency, fear, laughter, hunger.

The healing of Jesus meets us in the fullness of our experience, and as we hold on to our own situations, frustrations, and longings, we’re invited to remember the healing and grace of God through the elements of communion, where we are “given something to eat.”

Take a piece of bread (gluten free), dip it in the cup, and eucharist (give thanks) to God. 


As you read this story, reflect on the oddly- intimate nature of the process by which Jesus heals this man.

Mark says that this man’s “twisted tongue was released.”

Take a pipe cleaner: What areas of life feel twisted and tied up?

As you slowly untwist it, pray that God would “open up” these areas so you can think, speak, hear, feel, smell, and see clearly.