Open Door Kids Update


Here is an update about what we have been doing in Open Door Kids for this past Lent Season. 

During the last few weeks of Open Door Kids, we’ve been focusing on all of the promises that were fulfilled in Jesus’s life. We revisited Old Testament stories and discussed the longing God’s people felt as they hoped for a Savior. Then we celebrated Jesus’s arrival and his miraculous, world-changing life. Again and again, we saw proof that God ALWAYS fulfills his promises!


Palm Sunday, we celebrated the BIG promise fulfillment: Jesus died for our sins AND rose again! We planted Morning Glories in pots the kids decorated to symbolize new life. We also separated the 7+ year olds for the first time to discuss the Bible story at a deeper level and also brainstorm how these older kiddos can take on more leadership roles in Open Door Kids. We will be doing this older kid time twice a month. 


I am constantly amazed at the wisdom and insight the Open Door Kiddos have into the Bible stories. I was moved that Sunday as they wrestled with how the same people who welcomed Jesus with cheers on Palm Sunday could have demanded his crucifixion on Friday. I love their eagerness to understand and learn. Thank you for letting me be a part of your kiddos’ lives!


~Caitlyn Littrell