Engaging in the Refugee Crisis


This past winter, we had a Circle that focused on the refugee crisis which was led by Justin and Brook Dalrymple. Brook gave us a peek into what that time was like for them, and what impacted them the most. 

Our circle desired to engage in the refugee crisis. This was a massive topic with a lot of complexities. We gathered for 4 weeks and discussed the regions of the crisis, the push and pulls of the migration, and the US and church responses. Our goal was to come away with a deeper understanding of the crisis and to each take one action step in light of the knowledge we learned.

The most pivotal moments in the circle was hearing first hand stories of refugees...the emotions, the state of emergency, the fear. It gave face to the crisis, rather than just a 30,000 foot view. It was also very formative to hear from everyday peacemakers who are doing work within their neighborhoods.

That is our continued hope as a circle and as an Open Door community, that we would seek to know and love our neighbors around us and welcome in the stranger as kingdom people.