Prayer, Community and Healing


On April 21st, my almost 6yo daughter Alice had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. For months prior we’d been dealing with her having sudden bouts of lethargy and extreme exhaustion. After a bunch of tests and finally a sleep study, it was confirmed she had severe sleep apnea. When her ENT recommended surgery, I wasn't surprised… but I was very nervous. Every mother is nervous and scared when their child has to have procedures or surgeries done… but with Alice having Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Dyspraxia her recovery could be even harder then usual. So I was extra nervous.


I voiced my concerns and fears to certain people in our community and I asked for our community to pray. Prayer for Alice’s procedure and her recovery, prayer for my nerves and for her sleep apnea. But, in true Open Door style, you all did more then that. 


Weeks prior to her procedure, I started getting phone calls and messages. To see how we were doing, giving words of encouragement, scripture and offering moral support. Right before the procedure, Alice got a bear that she hasn’t let out of her sight and she even brought it into surgery with her. We went into her procedure knowing there was an army praying for her and felt for the first time at peace. 


Alice was a trooper, even with her SPD she didn’t get freaked out or overwhelmed in pre-op. She didn’t cry when they took her back into surgery and other then the first 20 minutes in the recovery room and just getting out of anesthesia her recovery has been a breeze. She’s healed remarkably fast and without much issue. In the coming months, she will be having a repeat sleep study to see if the surgery cured her sleep apnea.


After the procedure and through recovery, we have felt our community’s love and support. Thank you for the continued texts and calls asking how we are doing. Thank you for her beloved bear that gave her comfort during her procedure and recovery. And thank you for the huge envelope of cards the Open Door Kids made for her. She loved reading each one and even made the class a thank you card. 


Open Door continues to amaze me with how well our community lives out God’s story and takes Matthew 22:37-40 to heart. We indeed felt completely loved by our church family and I want to thank you all for loving on us so well during our time of need.


Thank you,

Martha McKnelly