Silent Reflection

 Reflection by Leah Chambers after joining one of our monthly days of SPACE


SPACE was exactly what I needed, when I needed it! After going through a pretty big life transition, I was feeling scattered and a bit unsure of myself, and making the time to go felt both right and rather crazy. It's unheard of for me to have a completely open day, so after doing the hard work of clearing the calendar, having all that free time was such a luxury. I think it really allowed me to feel free and not pressured to accomplish, solve, do, or be anything specific. 


My experience was based on looking around me and seeing what popped - what stood out, drew me in, or fascinated me. I walked slowly, I stared, I sat, I took a walk, I read some poetry, and I even took a nap. As I went, I wrote down some of the things that came up, but didn't try to make sense of them or try to make them important. I just let them be. There were moments of feeling antsy, and feeling like I should be accomplishing more, but it was such a freeing relief to push through that and remind myself that my worth, by design, comes from being not doing. I heard such good things in the silence....validation for myself, words of love for a friend, answers to a question I've been asking, and grace. More than anything, grace.