Welcoming our new Pastor of Formation & Worship!

Introducing our new Pastor of Formation & Worship

After 15 months, 2 full hiring processes, lots of prayer and some lessons in patience, Steward Team is thrilled to announce Jon Woolner as our Pastor of Formation & Worship. We intentionally placed “formation” as the first part of his title because we believe that first and foremost, worship is a formative experience and a place where we are called into God’s unfolding story.  

From our first meetings with Jon, it has been clear that Jon’s excitement to create, facilitate and guide worship experiences is contagious. He is a connector. He is passionate about connecting people to the heart of God, to each other, and to their own giftings. He believes that heaven and earth are being woven together and that we have a part to play in God’s mission for this world.

Jon is a creative, a musician, an avid reader and a collector of watches. He is married to Shannon and they have two children (Ryan and Alix). We believe Jon brings a unique story of leadership and personal growth that will interweave with Open Door and help us grow and flourish as a community. 
We encourage you to reach out to him and his family; please show them radical hospitality and posture yourself as a learner as they fold into our community.   

You can read more about Jon HERE.

A special thanks to our Hiring Team

We are especially grateful to the two hiring teams who worked tirelessly to bring this new staff member into our community. These leaders spent many hours praying over our community, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. These leaders include: Kara Lynch, Kerry O’Brien, Ben Johanson, Kate Schwass, Steve Arnett, Sarah Jenson, and Joe Hauptman. We also remain thankful for Dave’s leadership especially during this long transition and for the ways he has additionally extended himself during this season.

Prioritize presence at our Gathering on the 18th!

This evening, we will welcome and commission Jon into his role and also take time to celebrate all that God has done at Open Door over the last dozen years and look forward with anticipation for the seasons ahead. Don't miss this night!

We have much to be thankful for as we enter a new season with a full staff - thanks be to God!
Steward Team