Open Door Abundance

In the beginning, God created a world of abundance. 
Out of an abundance of love, Jesus offered up all he had so that we could live. 
Through the work of the Spirit, God continues to weave a world of abundance all around us. 

In our world, scarcity is often the loudest voice: there is not enough, there can never be enough, you are not enough, you can never be enough. 

Yet this is the world of God’s abundance.

The good life that Jesus invites us into (life 'to the full') is marked by a pervasive and holistic shalom, love of God and neighbor, and joining a family formed around Jesus that practices faithful stewardship and a deep trust and reliance in God's abundance. 

In contrast to the economic imagination of the world around us, we are invited into a Jesus-looking economic imagination that invites us to reconsider the economic status quo and move deeper into a kingdom imagination of abundance.

For the last several years, Open Door has created space for a digital, experience, and relational economy rooted in abundance. Open Door Abundance is where the Open Door family redistributes our resources, skills, time, talents and possessions for the sake of others. On Abundance, you'll find people trading housewares, skills/talents/ideas, recommendations, as well as reaching out for prayer and tangible help in response to pressing needs. 

But sharing our stuff is just the beginning. 

Acts speaks of the Jesus-following family as a community that shared all they had in common. In a letter to the Jesus-community in Thessalonika, Paul talks about sharing the good news of Jesus but also the entirety of life as well. 

What if we continued this journey?

What if we, like the flowers in the field and the birds in the air, practiced abundance to such an extent that we no longer got caught up in worry and stress? What might the world look like if we placed our trust, not in the sound of scarcity, but in the beauty and goodness of God’s abundance?

May we step into this invitation into the fullness of God’s abundance, recognizing that we not only have access to an abundance of stuff, but that we ourselves, together, embody a holistic abundance that can be offered up for the sake of the world around us.

Join us in this journey of Abundance!