An Advent Home Liturgy


There are a lot of "liturgies" we follow during the Christmas season.

  • We make shopping lists for friends and family and slowly cross of the lists as we've found the perfect gift. 
  • We prepare a place in our house for a tree or other special decorations that remind us of the holiday festivities. 
  • We surround ourselves with food and tastes and smells that we associate with the season or memories of the season..

These are all "liturgies" - rhythms, practices, and routines - that form us. For good or ill, we are shaped by the rhythms, rituals, and practices of everyday life and special seasons like Christmas. 

Each year, Advent is a season of time marking the movement toward Christmas. Journeying through the season of Advent is a liturgy designed to form us as people who can receive the gift that Christmas represents - the birth of joy, the arrival of hope, life springing forth in the world.

Because of the arrival of Jesus, the world has changed. Advent helps form us as a people who participate in the change that God is up to in the world. 

In addition to our Advent Journey in our Gathering rhythm, we put together an Advent Home Liturgy to help you (along with family and friends) mark the time of Advent through candle lighting, scripture readings, simple discussion questions, and prayer. (The Scripture passages and prayers are adapted from the Revised Common Lectionary, which is a guide used by churches throughout the world to move through the Scriptures together.)  

Download the Advent Home Liturgy PDF as we move toward Christmas together!