Open Door Pulse | Extending the Eucharist

To eat this particular meal together is to meet at the level of our most basic humanness,
which involves our need not just for food but for each other…
The next time you walk down the street, take a good look at every face you pass
and in your mind say, Christ died for thee.

That girl. That slob. That phony. That crook. That saint. That damned fool.

Christ died for thee.

Take and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for thee.
— Frederick Buechner

This Week

This past Sunday focused on the centrality of the Eucharist in the witness of Open Door. We talked about the centrality of the practice in our Gathering space and brainstormed what it might looks like to "extend the Eucharist" into everyday life. In our neighborhoods, offices, friend groups, how might we position ourselves to embody this gift? How can we live lives that are interruptible by those around us? Does the way we live allow for treating others with grace? With hope? With love?

We receive this perfect gift, imperfectly, and then we go out and we extend it, imperfectly, trusting that God is making all things new. 

This gift of Eucharist humbles us;
        God offers us grace that we might receive. 

This gift of Eucharist center us;
        through Jesus, we are a part of God’s family.

This gift of Eucharist scatters us;
        the Spirit sends us out to extend and participate in God’s mission.

A team from Open Door joined The Global Immersion Project for a weekend spent in the borderlands between the US and Mexico immersing into the human realities of our immigration crisis. As part of the weekend, we celebrated the Eucharist with a community divided by the border wall.

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