Everyday Story: Caitlyn Littrell

Once a month, I teach Art and Music in my sons’ classes at Pleasant Hill Elementary. The school does not have the funding to teach these subjects, but thankfully they have an amazing parent-led group that equips parents to come in and teach the lessons.

Last week, I was teaching about Michelangelo in Sawyer’s class, and so we got to practice sculpting. Each student got a specifically designated size of clay to work with. The instructions I was given for the lesson were clear that I couldn’t give any student more than that amount, since there had to be enough clay left for the other classes. I explained that to the class, so that they could plan accordingly.

There is a boy in Sawyer’s class who just moved here from Mongolia and doesn’t speak or understand English very proficiently yet. He became upset, because he was building an igloo and ran out of clay. I tried to explain that I couldn’t give him any more clay, but he didn’t understand. I asked the class if anyone happened to have some extra he or she was willing to share. Instantly, almost every student in the class stood up and brought this igloo builder some clay. He ended up having plenty to finish his igloo. The teacher and I got a little teary eyed as we watched. Even though they knew they wouldn’t get anymore clay, they readily gave a portion of what they had away.

An Invitation: This has stuck with me for the last several days and built a conviction in my heart. I want to readily give away what I have, even when I know it’s all I have. I don’t want to hold my possessions, time, resources so tightly that I’m not seeing Jesus’ invitation to share and help someone beside me build something important. This class showed me how to live out a place of abundance even in scarcity.