Join a Team; Lend a Hand! (Open Door volunteer opportunities)


If you have any interest in serving, leading, or hearing more about any of the opportunities to serve and lead below, email

Open Door Kids TRU Team (4 people needed)

Serve monthly as a teacher or assistant for our Tru environment (kids age 3-6 years old). (Background check process required)

Alternative option: if you can't commit to serve monthly, join our substitute/backup list to give regular volunteers a break as needed or during the summer Sabbath volunteer rhythm. 

Sound & Tech Team (2-4 people needed)

Serve monthly running sound or media for our Open Door Gathering. No prior technical skills/knowledge is needed and training will be provided!

Gathering Hospitality (2-4 people needed)

Serve once or twice a month to help our Gathering Space feel warm, welcoming, and hospitable each week! This team may occasionally be asked to help with bigger events (concerts, potlucks, etc.)

Open Door Kids THRIVE Team (2-5 people needed)

As our kids get older, we're creating new environments for our Thrive (7+) Kids to learn and practice life in the way of Jesus. This team will balance between Sunday learning environments and mid-week/weekend evening opportunities to connect with Thrive Kids + Families. 

Prayer Team (2-4 people needed)

The prayer team serves in our Gathering and/or "on call" praying for our community's needs and requests. You can join the rotation of people who pray on Sunday evenings during our Gathering or join a team of people who receive requests throughout the week and faithfully pray for them.

School Investment Champions (1-3 people needed)

As part of our 2018 Horizon, we want to help everyone at Open Door invest and contend for local schools. A School Investment Champion will help Open Door make connections, deepen relationships, and take on ramps to investment in local schools. 

Meal Coordinators (1-2 people needed)

Open Door loves bringing meals to people! Whether in celebration, sickness, crisis, or just because, meal coordinators help provide hospitality and presence to those connected to Open Door. 

Everyday Stories Team (1-2 people needed)

We are a community of Storytellers and deeply believe in the power of shared stories—painful, joyful, questioning, pondering, tied up neatly, and messily unfinished. The Everyday Story Team collects, curates, and champions our storytelling rhythms.