Ending 2018, Entering 2019 (An Open Door Retrospect)

2018 was a year of discovery for Open Door. We entered into learning and practice around calling and vocation, resurrection, sabbath, justice, and the gravity and grace of Christ. We continued asking questions about immigration, peacemaking, the story of our local neighborhoods, and how we can both lament and stand in the gaps of injustice.

2018 was a year of transition for Open Door. We navigated multiple staff transitions and continued to hone in on our unique identity and calling as a collective of Jesus followers in the East Bay.

2018 was a year of celebration for Open Door. With joy, we celebrated anniversaries, mile markers, and the arrival of new friends and new babies in our community! We ended the year with the lights, balloons, and experiential invitations of our second annual Goodbye Hello retrospect popup.

2018 was a year of experimental practice for Open Door. We began the first steps of a journey inviting everyone to invest in their local schools. We reshaped many of our collective rhythms around sabbath and rest. We convened dozens of Circles inviting participants into new practices as part of our formation in the way of Jesus.

2018 was a year of growing and deepening our trust in God’s faithfulness. As we enter our fifteenth year as a community walking in the way of Jesus for the good of the world, we continue to experience and invite others into the abundant life made possible by God’s extravagant love made real in the work of Jesus. 

With the help of your prayer, commitment, gifts and investment, we ended the year on track to meet our 2018-2019 budget, with a full core reserve and great progress on our strategic reserve (a portion of our funds reserved for new initiatives and opportunities as we discern God’s invitations).

We step into 2019 with gratitude and expectation for all that’s in store for you, for Open Door, for the East Bay, and the world God so loves. 

Thank you again for your generosity, partnership, and participation in Open Door’s unfolding story!