Environmental Justice & the Climate Crisis

Dr. Rick Lindroth.jpg

Last month, we hosted a Circle around Environmental Justice, the Climate Crisis, and how followers of Jesus can live and act faithfully and hopefully toward God’s justice.

We were joined by Dr. Rick Lindroth, an ecologist at the University of Wisconsin.

We captured video from the night that we’ll be posting soon, but here are a few resources Dr. Lindroth recommended to look further in the science, ethics, and justice of global climate change.

A list of publications, and website recommended by Dr. Lindroth

Entering the Sixth Extinction (an article by Dr. Lindroth for BioLogos)

Climate Change and the Pursuit of Truth in a Post-truth World (a talk by Dr. Lindroth for the Dalton Lectures at George Fox University)

Climate Change in the American Christian Mind (a 2015 report from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center Climate Change Communication)