Stop Hunger Now Experientials

Here are some Ideas to get creative in community with friends, small groups, families, neighbors, colleagues-The cost of a small black coffee from Starbucks would actually be enough to cover the cost of packaging 6.5 meals. Do some math to figure out how many meals your daily purchases are worth. Create an awareness and perspective with your purchases, and consider where you could match or go without to donate to the project. -Identify monthly luxuries. Gym, Netflix, cable, wine club, wireless, smart phone, magazine subscription, etc. Choose one or more and match the amount. -Invite neighbors and friends over for a potluck where everybody brings a simple dish, plus the amount they would normally spend out at a restaurant. -If you commute, consider matching your daily bridge toll, or the amount you spend on gas. -Empty your purse or pockets of loose change every day and collect it all in one place. There are containers for you to take. Bring them to your office or classroom as well. -Commit to eating at home and eating leftovers to avoid throwing away unnecessary food, as well as setting aside money usually spent on meals out. -Prepare a meal of rice and beans with/for your family in an effort to help them understand that this is standard fare in impoverished places.  Contribute the difference you save in money to this Hunger Project. -Ask your kids what one thing we want to give up as a family this month so that we can help hungry people eat.  Calculate the monthly cost of that one thing and contribute it to the Hunger Project. -Go without one or more meals or snacks or drinks per week and set that money aside. -Try living on less than $5 for one or more days and contribute your daily difference to the fund. -Freeze any unnecessary spending for the month and give as much as you can. -Intentionally shop for the lowest prices, use coupons, and buy bargains for the month and try to keep track of how much you are saving.  Contribute the difference to the Hunger Project. -participate in this Wednesday's fasting by not only saying no to food for the day, but adding up what would have been spent and contributing it to the fund at the prayer gathering and supper. -In your communities or neighborhoods, organize a chili cook-off, baking contest, wine-tasting, or something like that and have people vote with money, dropping dollars or coins to designate  their favorite dishes/wines/etc.