As human beings, we often get the privilege of a fresh start. Life transitions happen all of the time: leaving for school, a new job, new roommates, marriage, moving, having kids, empty nesting. These are poignant moments in our lives as each one of them gives us the opportunity to remember who we’ve become and to declare anew, “This is who I am!” Rarely does an entire community of people get a fresh start together; yet, a fresh start is exactly where we find ourselves today. Therefore, let me remind of who we are and what the work of The Open Door Community is. We are a community of ordinary people who are informed by and participants in the Unfolding Story of God. The Story is not about us; rather, it is about the One who authored it, lovingly created us, and breathed His breath into us. We are a part of God’s Unfolding Story which means that everything that we are and will become… everything that we will ever need…will come from the One whose Story we live.

We are a community of ordinary people that watches Jesus live and listens to Him teach and then goes and does likewise. Why? Because the watching world is not longing to be informed by smart, spiritual people. Rather, the watching world is longing to be guided by people whose lives reflect the message that we study. We seek to live our destiny: to be the ongoing, active presence of Jesus here and now. We want to be the community of people where the thoughts, words, and actions of Jesus become real.

We are a community of ordinary people, fueled by the Holy Spirit, to follow the Resurrected Jesus. We want Jesus to mean something to us; we want following to matter… to mess with our lives. Thus, we take seriously Jesus’ dangerous and relational invitation to follow Him, understanding that following Jesus means assuming the posture of the cross on behalf of others. That is, we are a community of people learning to give ourselves away in scandalous, sacrificial ways SO THAT the watching world discovers who our God is and begins to experience His love for them.

We are a community of ordinary people learning to walk in the Way of Jesus for the good of the world. Our work is to cultivate Jesus-Followers and Jesus-Following Communities who embrace our belovedness by God and become fueled by our belovedness to give ourselves away to those in our everyday spaces. In so doing, we are becoming human beings who flourish as friends, lovers, parents, employees, sons & daughters, neighbors….

We are a community of people who live with the taste of bread and wine in our mouths. This flavor reminds us who our God is, what He did for us in Jesus, and what He invites us into as His beloved. As we embark upon this new season, let’s be this community!