3 Resources for Lent

This year, join us as we seek to experience Lent as tangibly as possible. Resource #1 :: iLent Journal.  This resource, made up of daily readings and reflections, has been designed by 30+ pastors in our valley and is intended to guide us into living the Scriptures by asking two questions: "What is God saying to you?" and "What are you going to do with what God is saying?"

Resource #2 :: The Stop Hunger Now Experience.  Between February 12 and March 10, we are seeking to stand in solidarity with the hungry in one of multiple ways.  Our desire is to not spend money on food/drink that we'd normally spend money on and, instead, pool those resources to provide food for the hungry.  The experience will conclude on March 10th in partnership with St. Paul's as we package 60,000 meals that will be distributed locally and globally to the hungry.  Click here for a list of creative solidarity ideas.

Resource #3 :: Pick a spiritual practice that is unfamiliar/foreign to you and commit to engage in it for the next 40 days for the sake of deepening in your relationship with God and others.  For example, trade your time on facebook for time in Scripture and prayerful listening; trade your eating out habit for sharing meals around your table and the tables of others; trade the last 30 minutes of sleep for 30 minutes of journaling; etc.