Camp Allstars Day 2

This morning the children arose eagerly and happily. They jogged around the field and then came back to shower before breakfast. Breakfast consisted of bread and jam, African tea, and a banana. We then went into the mail hall for a time of praise and worship and then teaching lead by one of our Ugandan camp counselors named Emma. He did a great job of teaching! Each child then went with their small groups to discuss the lesson. Kids are eager to learn and asked some profound questions. Currently the kids are in a session about puberty lead by our two nurses Schola (Ugandan) and Jess (American). We will then go for a tasty lunch of rice, chipati, meat, and greens before entering our afternoon session where we will begin to learn life skills.

The US team is doing well. It is hot here and a few have suffered from dehydration, but they are on the upswing. They are bonding with the children and joy is in their faces. It is amazing to watch cultures being bridged and God working in the hearts of both our children and the camp staff.

Thank you for your prayers.