Camp Allstars Day 6

The last morning of camp was meaningful. Jeff explained to us all the significance of communion and then lead us as Sam, Teo, Elizabeth, and Jaci served the elements. Cathy and Mary sang throughout the time, and each kid filed up to hear, "This is Christ's body broken for you." "This is Christ's blood shed for you." It is an unbelievable experience to watch and to participate in the Lord's Supper with so many of His precious children.

After our time of communion and worship, each kid wrote a letter to their sponsored child. This team was particularly struck by the impact of sponsorship in the life of a child. Each team member heard continuous stories at camp of what a sponsor means to the sponsored. "Tell him I love him." "I pray for her family every night." To these kids, their sponsors are as a sort of parent. They were joyful to be able to write to them to let them know.

As the busses left camp with the kids, not a dry eye was in the place. New relationships have been built, children have been loved and taught, and the US team will never be the same.

Praise God for another incredible week of Camp Allstars!!!