Camp has started!

The kids are here!!! This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The kids arrived in buses from their respective villages around 10:30 this morning. They were immediately given the necessary items for a successful week at camp and then preceded to make their beds and change into our camp uniforms (shorts, t-shirts, and shoes). Sam welcomed everybody before we then ate a full lunch of meat, rice, cabbage, potatoes, and matoke.

The afternoon has been spent teambuilding by creating banners, playing field games, and tye-dying t-shirts in each “family’s” respective color. This year we have five “families”. Our families are made up of students, Ugandan staff members, and three US team members.

The Ugandan staff and the US team are well bonded. They have had a wonderful two days together and are becoming fast friends. Everybody has enjoyed this afternoon with the campers!!