Camp starts tomorrow!

All of the camp leaders are now at the Lord’s Meade, the secondary school where will be hosting Camp Allstars 2012.  We are busy preparing for all of the campers to arrive tomorrow. This has included setting up the dorm rooms with mattresses and mosquito nets, learning the curriculum, team building amongst leaders, musical worship, and prayer. It has been fun to share worship songs between the two cultures and to praise the Lord in diverse languages with bongo drums!! These two days have been busy, but a lot of fun!

This year’s camp leadership team consists of our wonderful CoG child mentors and staff, eight Ugandan camp counselors, and sixteen Americans (“mzungus” as they refer to us here). The US team is here to serve as a support role to the Ugandans as they run the camp. They have done an excellent job preparing for us to arrive and Sam, the director of the camp, has worked out all the details to be just right.

While jet lag is still a reality, everybody is thoroughly enjoying learning a new culture and living in community with our new Ugandan friends.  One of our team members has mastered Lugandan greetings and another is waking up at 5 a.m. to exercise with the Ugandans. The cuisine provided for us has been nothing short of tasty and the Ugandans are enjoying teaching the Americans their ways of eating. This morning provided some laughter as the mzungus were learning how to bathe with a jerican and bucket.

All is well here, and we are so excited to pour out the joy and love that Jesus gives to the campers as they arrive tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to remember us.