"Give Us Today Our Daily Bread" - Daily Reflections

“Give Us Today Our Daily Bread” - Daily Reflection Questions Tonight we continued our journey through the Lord's Prayer, looking at the verse "give us today our daily bread."  This week, we want to dig deeper into this prayer together.  Here is a guide to help in that process.

Begin your time each day by praying “Give Us Today Our Daily Bread” from Matthew 6. Then work through the question of the day and reflection exercise.

Day 1 - Ask yourself: “How am I currently trying to be self-sufficient instead of going to God to fill my needs?” Spend some time in reflection, confession, and prayer--asking Him to provide for your needs.

Day 2 - Ask yourself: “Looking at my life currently, how do I see God providing daily bread already?” Spend time listing ways that God has provided for you today and in the past. Thank Him for His provision, and spend time in prayer.

Day 3 - Ask yourself: “Considering the provision that God has given me, do I have enough to share?” Ask God to show you if there are needs that He would like you to meet in the lives of others. Pray through this and ask for direction.

Day 4 - Ask yourself: “Do I acknowledge that all provision is from God’s hand? Or do I attribute His provision solely to my own labors or as coming from elsewhere?” Spend time in confession for any false thinking. Ask God to shift your perspective and see provision as coming from His hand.

Day 5 - Ask yourself: “Do I have an accurate view of ‘daily bread’? What I need vs. what I want?” Ask God to search your heart on this. Make a list of needs and a list of wants. Ask God to point your heart towards things of Him and to give you perspective on what you need.

Day 6 - Think about the people in our community. How have you seen God show up to the needs of others? Physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially? Thank Him for His goodness and faithfulness. Ask Him give you eyes that see His provision and a heart that thanks Him.

Day 7 - Ask yourself: “Am I being a good steward when God answers my prayer for daily bread? In what ways am I wasteful or selfish?” Ask God to help you steward His resources well, recognizing that everything is from Him and everything belongs to Him.