The Cross-Shaped Community

201309_philippians_banner Our journey through the book of Philippians has just begun.  In the next four months, as we study together, we'll be exploring what it means to be formed into a Cross-Shaped community for the sake of the watching world.  Our hope is that we will continue to create a shared economy of mutual interdependence that offers a beautiful, alternative Way of life, oriented around Jesus, for those who dwell in the spaces we live, work & play.

Additional questions we'll explore:

(1) How do we live as a citizens of the Kingdom of God from within the contemporary Empire? (2) What does mean to become the new kind of human & new kind of community that Jesus is transforming us into? (3) What are the contextual implications (politically, economically, relationally) when we embody the posture of the cross on behalf of others? (4) What does it mean to participate with Jesus in His suffering, death, and resurrection? (5) How is contentment in all things possible?

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