The US team is in Uganda!

Yesterday morning, before dawn, our mentor Sam loaded into a bus and headed to Entebbe, a 2.5 hour drive from Jinja. There he was met by a group of Americans, happy and tired. They loaded a big truck with their bags, and then jumped on the bus bound for Jinja.  

The team arrived safely in Jinja about 1 p.m. and was greeted by big hugs and excited hellos. Everybody was so happy to finally be here, and our staff was joyful to meet new people and to welcome back old friends. Our cook, Bonnie, had prepared a Ugandan lunch of rice and beans and it was ready just as the team pulled up. We all introduced ourselves and then sat in the backyard of the CoG compound and shared our first meal with our new friends.

After lunch the work began. We unloaded all of the bins from the truck and sorted out which supplies need to go to camp and which ones will stay at the CoG office. After this, Sam and Mike welcomed the team in a more formal introduction and orientation to Uganda, CoG, and camp. Sam, our camp director, did an outstanding job. We had a wonderful time of prayer and musical worship together. We are ready for camp!!

Before dinner the team had an opportunity to drive to town to see Jinja, explore a craft market, go to the bank, and drink some coffee. We then returned to the compound where Bonnie, Mike, and Jess had prepared for us a fabulous meal. The team sat silently as they ate taking every effort to keep their eyes open. As soon as the last person took their last bite, we loaded the vans for the guesthouse where they were to sleep. The team was filled, blessed, encouraged, and exhausted!! They were all in bed by 8 p.m.

This morning we'll go and pick them up and head out to the Lord's Meade Vocational School- our site for camp. Campers come first thing on Monday morning and we have a lot to do to prepare!