Questions for the Pre-Jesus & Jesus Follower

At the conclusion of last night's teaching, I offered two different sets of questions to seed our solitude and community conversations this week as well as to set up a time of community-wide sharing / storytelling next week (March 25). To those who consider yourselves Jesus Followers, I offered the following questions:

1.  Why are you a Christian?

2.  How does following Jesus tangibly impact you as a friend, as a part of a family, as a member of your organization, as a member of North American / global society?

3.  If you were to sum it all up in 2-3 bullet points, what does it mean to follow Jesus?

To those who consider yourselves pre-Jesus, I offered the following questions:

1.  Identify yourself on this continuum.

Disinterested -- Curious -- Intrigued -- Captivated

2.  What have you observed in the life of a Jesus follower that has made Jesus more real to you?

3.  How have you experienced the God-Reality such that you even find yourself on this continuum?