The Lent Project Week 2: Essentials Only

What does the "life to the full" that Jesus invites us into look like? How do we find it? And what if the comforts, securities, and pleasures surrounding us might actually distract us that life? 20150218_the_lent_project_banner

We'll be asking these questions throughout Lent and, each week, we'll experiment together with a specific practice of denial and fasting to help us stand in solidarity with the Majority World and seek the life of abundance Jesus promised. Each week of Lent will involve stories of practice, hearing the words of Jesus, and invitations into a shared week-long experiment.

Week 2: Essentials Only (full schedule here)

Over a million people in the United States, and nearly half of the world's population lives on less than $2 per day per person. This reality forces many across the globe to exist only on absolute essentials.

What if we framed our decisions and habits for one week around this guiding question: is this [purchase, habit, outing, etc.] essential for me?

During this week, we invite you to ask that question as you:

(1) Reduce your spending to the essentials: bills, toiletries, and three simple meals per day (prepared at home, pot-luck shared tables with others, etc.).

(2) Reduce your social activities and entertainment to options that are free: take walks, play at the park, etc.

(3) Calculate the money saved and join Open Door's Kiva Team and finance micro-loans to sustainably assist others in the US and around the world who are caring for their families, seeking education, starting a small business, etc.

(4) Catalog your journey using #TheLentProject hashtag.