C.A.S.E Act: Protecting CA's Children from Sex Trafficking

California Against Slavery has put together an initiative to fight human trafficking here, in our own neighborhood.  It's called the C.A.S.E Act and is a way that voters can participate in making this particular wrong thing right. Included in its provisions are, among other things, tougher punishment for traffickers, training for public safety officers, and disclosure of email/internet accounts for registered sex offenders.  In short, the initiative is designed to thwart ongoing domestic sex slavery through substantially increased penalties.

Click Here for more complete information on the C.A.S.E Act and how you can help to get this initiative on November 2012's ballot.

Abolition Resources

Educating yourself is the best place to start for any advocacy. There are an overwhelming number of resources concerning abolition out there. Some good places to start include

Websites Stop Child Trafficking Now California Against Slavery Not For Sale International Justice Mission National Center for Missing and Exploited Children The National Report on Domestic Sex Trafficking

Documentaries “Playground” Executive Producer George Clooney to see a 5 min clip from the movie “Call and Response” CNN “Selling the Girl Next Door" MSNBC “Trafficked: Slavery in America” MSNBC “Sex Slaves: Texas” to see a clip

Books Not for Sale: The return of the global slave trade- and how we can fight it by David Bladstone God in a Brothel by Daniel Walker More than Rice: A journey through the underworld of human trafficking by Pamela Chestnut The Slave Next Door: human trafficking and slavery in America today by Kevin Bales Human Trafficking a Global Perspective by Louise Shelly