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Open Door's Next Horizon Line (and an Invitation into Next Steps)

Each autumn, our Steward Team takes a weekend away together to pray, listen, storytell, and dream about our next steps as a family of sojourners learning to walk in the way of Jesus for the good of the world.

Our time is spent creating space where we can listen to each other, the voices of our community, and the promptings of the Spirit to come to a shared sense of the direction into which we must push forward during the year ahead. 

This year, we've framed this focus as our horizon line.

The horizon is our continual guide as we press into the future. We constantly look to the horizon for guidance, clarity, and next steps. It shapes our conversations, meetings, rhythms, and pace.

We sought a horizon that neither aims too high (trying to accomplish in a year what could take a lifetime) nor too low (setting out to accomplish in a year what might take a week or a month).

A horizon line is not static but dynamic. While we believe we can reach the horizon we've defined for the coming year, once we arrive at that point, we'll seek to discern and set out toward a new horizon that comes into focus as we step into our next season of continued faithfulness in the trajectory God's set forth for us.

As we look ahead to Spring and Summer 2016, our horizon line is as follows:

To further clarify and define how we intend to move toward this horizon line, we've outlined several signposts - defining objectives - that will help move us closer to the horizon.

This horizon's signposts are:

  1. To reimagine our Gathering as a propelling/sending place.

  2. To focus creative connections and storytelling around the extending and cultivating life.

  3. To equip and activate everyday influencers.

  4. To leverage The Global Immersion Project as a continued opportunity for cultivation.

  5. To seed collaboration in neighborhood centers.

  6. To clarify our staff structure and initiate the processed to fill that structure.

We'll continue to clarify, communicate, invite, and co-create the specific next steps in each of these areas we push forward toward the horizon.

We want this to be an initiative of the Open Door family, not just Steward Team! As a first invitation into more conversation and action around our horizon, Steward Team will gather after this Sunday's Gathering at Extreme Pizza to talk more about questions or thoughts you might have about our next steps forward.

If you have any questions, please speak with a member of Steward Team or email Rebecca, our Steward Team Chair.

The Lent Project Week 6: Majority World Diet


Week 6: The Majority World Diet

We are accustomed to eating large quantities of food often and in great variety. The simplicity and small quantity of our food choices during this week's Majority World Diet remind us of the abundance that we live in on a daily basis. During this week we encourage you to pray for those around the world who regularly eat these simple meals or don’t have sufficient access to basic food and water.

During this week, we invite you to:

(1) From Tuesday through Saturday, eat a diet of rice, beans, and oats (ingredients and instructions here: Majority World Diet 2015).

(2) Guided by the provided prayer prompts and the promptings of the Spirit, pray regularly for those around the Bay Area and around the world with insufficient access to basic nutrition.

(3) Catalog your journey using #TheLentProject hashtag.

The Lent Project Week 5: The Commuter/Environmental Fast

If everyone on Earth lived, drove, ate, consumed, etc. like the average American, studies show it would take about four planets to sustain the world's population. How do our personal and cultural habits reflect the invitation to serve as good stewards of God's creation? 20150218_the_lent_project_banner

During this week, we invite you to:

(1) Make decisions to reduce your gasoline consumption by half (choose public transit, casual carpool, walk/bike, tele-commute, etc.).

(2) Consider what you notice about your regular commuting habits, your neighborhood's built environment, transit infrastructure, etc.

(3) Catalog your journey using #TheLentProject hashtag.

The Lent Project: Denial, Solidarity, Life

What does the "life to the full" that Jesus invites us into look like? How do we find it? And what if the comforts, securities, and pleasures surrounding us might actually distract us that life? 20150218_the_lent_project_banner

We'll be asking these questions throughout Lent and, each week, we'll experiment together with a specific practice of denial and fasting to help us stand in solidarity with the Majority World and seek the life of abundance Jesus promised. Each week of Lent will involve stories of practice, hearing the words of Jesus, and invitations into a shared week-long experiment.

  • February 18 - Ash Wednesday Online Liturgy (
  • February 22 - Invitation to the Extras Purge, Steward Team-hosted Family Meeting (during the Gathering)
  • March 01 - Invitation to Essentials Only (Soup dinner following the Gathering)
  • March 08 - Invitation to the Media Fast (Soup dinner following the Gathering)
  • March 15 - Invitation to the Comfort Fast (Soup dinner following the Gathering)
  • March 22 - Invitation to the Environmental/Commuter Fast (Soup dinner following the Gathering)
  • March 29 - Invitation to the Majority World Diet (Soup dinner following the Gathering)
  • April 3 - Good Friday Passion Sojourn
  • April 5 - Sunrise Hike + 5PM Easter Gathering

Update From Uganda

Open Door has been collaborating with Children of Grace to see the next generation of Ugandans equipped as the visionaries & leaders that bring about the end of poverty and AIDS in Uganda. In addition to sponsoring over 40 children, we send a team in January to partner with COG's Ugandan staff in hosting a week-long camp for children orphaned by AIDS. Click Here to read daily blog updates from our team.

Articles About Uganda

In order to increase our community awareness and familiarity with Uganda we have compiled the below links to articles that will give a broad overview of Ugandan people, their education, and their country. We encourage you to read one article per day for the next week, as well as browse through the CIA World Factbook about Uganda. CIA World Factbook Uganda

Monday- Education, System Overview 

Tuesday- Development and Conservation, Oil Drilling In A National Park

Wednesday- Sport, Little League World Series

Thursday- Sport, Olympic Gold

Friday- Science, Space

Saturday- Science, Medicine

Sunday- Science, Medicine

We are excited to be on this journey with you. If you have any questions or if you would like to join our team, please contact us.

- Kim Williams, David Harrison, & Risa Cranmer