April 19 Steward Team Update


Steward Team Update #3
April 19, 2015

Future Staffing

After discernment and prayer over Open Door’s upcoming season, Steward Team voted upon and approved a staff structure including Dave’s role and three new positions.  

  • Pastor of Mission and Directional Leader (Dave). In this position, Dave will champion and develop our formation through the ongoing expression of Circles, guide the staff and continue to develop and equip for our ongoing and expanding mission and identity.
  • Pastor of Worship and Formation (new hire). This full time pastoral position will champion and develop our formation through Gatherings with particular attention to worship through music and other avenues of formation.
  • Pastor of Kids and Family Formation (new hire). This part time pastoral position (15-20 hours/week) will champion and develop Open Door Kids with attention to the integration of families into the holistic cultivation of the Open Door family.
  • Admin (new hire). This part time role (5-10 hours/week) will support the infrastructure of Open Door as needed.

More information regarding job descriptions and the hiring processes will be available soon. If you have any questions, please contact a member of Steward Team or email Ben Johanson, Steward Team's chair at

Steward Team Transition

On April 19, the Steward Team transition process will begin with the intention of having two new members in place this June. Please consider setting aside Monday, April 27 for a day of praying, fasting, and discernment around Steward Team nominations.

In addition to Ben Johanson and Tony Collins completing their terms on Steward Team, Alison Knox will be finishing her role on Steward Team as well due to her impending move to Portland. Former Steward Team member Kerry O’Brien has been asked to complete the remainder of Alison’s term and has accepted. Due to the nature and timing of staffing transition, we have timed this year's transition to have overlap between the welcoming of new members and the transition of Ben, Tony, and Alison to provide additional guidance and leadership in this season.

Nominating (April 19-April 26) 
The Elder transition process will be introduced at Sunday's Gathering and the nomination process laid out. The community is invited to send nominations (name + 2-3 reasons this person is qualified) to Brooke Arnett ( by April 26. 

Discerning (April 27)
A cross section of Open Door leaders and guides will spend time in prayer and fasting before convening to consider, affirm and discern six candidates from the pool of nominees. The names of these candidates will be sent to Steward Team. On Monday, April 27, you are invited to fast and pray along with this discernment team.

Inviting (April 27-May 24)
Steward Team will meet, pray, and discern over the six candidates, ultimately interviewing and introducing two candidates to Open Door at our Gathering on May 24.

Reconciling (May 24-June 6)
As followers of Jesus, reconciliation is an essential practice. After the two candidates are introduced, the candidates and community alike are invited and encouraged to pursue any reconciling conversations needed to name and address any relational distance that may be present within the Open Door family.  

Commissioning (June 7)
Following the reconciling phase, the two candidates will be commissioned into their term on Steward Team at our Sunday Gathering. 

If you have any questions or comments, send them to Steward Team’s next meeting is on April 20. Stay tuned!

 With gratitude,

Ben, Brendan, Rebecca, Alison, Tony and Heidi

Details: December 22, 24, & 29

Tonight! December 22 :: Serving instead of Gathering!!!

Tonight, we will be serving together at The Bay Area Rescue Mission in place of our weekly worship gathering.

bayarealogo What will we be doing? Serving, Eating, & Cleaning up after a meal with the hungry, homeless, and recovering. When is our shift? 4-8pm How do I get there? You could either go directly to The BARM (123 McDonald St., Richmond, CA) or meet at St. Paul's Parking lot @ 3pm to carpool. What should I wear? Dress warm as we'll be serving the meal in an outdoor tent. Is this kid-friendly?  Absolutely. Contact Darrell with questions or for more information.

Christmas Eve, December 24 :: Serving @ City Team

Join an Open Door Team on Christmas Eve Day as we serve together at City Team in Oakland.

What will we be doing? Serving & Cleaning up after a meal with the hungry, homeless, and recovering. When is our shift? 12:30-2:30pm How do I get there? You could either go directly to City Team (722 Washington St. Oakland, CA) or email Heidi for carpooling options. What should I wear? Dress comfortably.  We'll be serving indoors. Is this kid-friendly? Absolutely. Contact Heidi with questions or for more information.

Sunday, December 29 :: Back @ our Gathering...


On the 29th, Jer will be giving his annual "Retrospect" talk in which he will reflect on a year's worth of personal cultivation through relationships & experiences.  Don't miss this evening of teaching through story.

New Hire Communication & Year-End Giving

Our elders are committed to resourcing our mission of cultivating followers of Jesus in 2014.  Our next step is to expand our paid staff from 1.5 to 2.5.

  • 1.5 Staff will equip & mobilize us to become a Worshiping Family.
  • 1 Staff will equip & mobilize us to become a Family on Mission.

Click Here to listen to Brendan's 15 minute explanation. Click Here to read more details on our Blog. Click Here to email Ben Johanson from Steward Team with any questions or for more information.

Here are 3 ways to join together in funding the work that God is calling us to in 2014!

  1. Seed this next step with a year-end gift.  Year-end gifts can be given at our gathering on the 29th and online anytime before December 31.
  2. Contribute monthly to what God is doing.  Start with a set percentage of your annual income or a day or two's wages per month.  You can set up your online account here.
  3. If you are already partnering financially, would you consider increasing your monthly giving by a set percentage or by one day's wages per month?

Open Door's online account number through Dwolla is 812-632-9836

New Hire Communication & Next Steps

Friends: 11 months ago (January, 2013), Steward Team had determined that it was mission critical for us to expand our staff and that our next hire would be a Pastor/Shepherd. As the year progressed, our mission of cultivating Jesus followers expanded beyond our Gathering to include Circles.  Our Gathering is designed to help us become a Worshipping Family while Circles are designed to help us become a Family on Mission.  We are watching as the fusion of these two expressions along with the mobilizing of Pastor/Shepherds within our community is contributing to the care & holistic cultivation of Jesus Followers who are Rooted, Woven, Extending, & Cultivating. The growth & fruit is obvious as is the impact beyond the immediate Open Door Community, but so much more is possible.

As Steward Team explored the Pastor/Shepherd hire with Open Door through four Living Room Sessions in January and one Round Table Conversation in April, two things became clear:

  1. Expanding & diversifying our staff to equip & mobilize Open Door into our mission of cultivating Jesus Followers is essential.
  2. The hunch that the new staff member needed to be a Pastor/Shepherd came more from a desire to compensate for where we felt deficient than forming a staff that mobilizes and equips the community for mission.

In October, Steward Team dedicated its entire weekend-long retreat to clarifying how our mission is lived out and determining how that mission is best supported with staff. After consulting with a team of non-profit organizational experts (Dave & Maya Smith, Kate Schwass) and past elders (Tim Halls, Kerry O'Brien), Steward Team has concluded that we are moving forward to expand our paid staff from 1.5 to 2.5 people.  Our paid staff will include Jer, Elizabeth, and our New Hire.

  • 1.5 staff will be dedicated to helping us become a Worshipping Family and will focus on equipping and mobilizing people for ministry in and through our Gatherings.
  • 1 staff will be dedicated to helping us become a Family on Mission and will focus on equipping and mobilizing people into mission within the spaces we live/work/play through Circles.

Here are the immediate next steps:

  1. Job Descriptions will be finalized by Steward Team.  Our goal is to have this completed by the end of the year.
  2. Kate Schwass has been invited to and has accepted the role of co-leading our Hiring Team.  The Hiring Team will be in place by mid-January and will begin their work of developing our hiring process and casting the net internally and externally for the appropriate candidates.
  3. Our desire is to have our new hire in place by the end of April, 2014.

Here are the financial implications:

  1. We will need to bring in $15,700 monthly in order to successfully & adequately staff our mission.  This will require a monthly increase of $4,700.
  2. In the meantime, we have a runway to help us fund this increase due to the Reserve Account that has been building for more than two years. While this is helpful, when we deplete the Reserve Account, it's gone, making this a significant risk that we're willing to take.

Here is our invitation of you:

  1. Would you consider seeding this next step with a significant year-end gift?  Gifts can be given at our gathering and online anytime between now and December 31.
  2. If you are not currently contributing financially to what God is doing in & through Open Door would you please begin through a monthly gift?  Start with a day's wages every month or commit a set percentage of your annual income.  You can set up your account and begin giving online on Dwolla. ("The Open Door Community" ID 812-632-9836)
  3. If you are giving, would you consider increasing your monthly giving by a set percentage or by a day's wages? Adjustments to your current giving are easy to do on Dwolla.("The Open Door Community" ID 812-632-9836)
  4. Please pray over Steward Team, the Hiring Team, and the individual that God is in store to serve with us.
  5. Please feel free to respond directly to Ben Johanson from Steward Team with any questions that you have.

We've never been more excited about how God is weaving heaven & earth together again in and through The Open Door Community.  Greater things are yet to come!

With you, Open Door's Steward Team

(2013) Mission Critical Hunch #3

If we invest in Holistic Cultivation now we will soon be able to afford the staff that we need but can’t currently support. To bring in the new person who will help us grow, who will grow with us, and who will invest in our cultivation, soul care, & community development we will need to pay another salary.  Giving more right now is an investment, not just in the mission of The ODC, but also in the lives of those who are leading The ODC, who live & work in the East Bay & beyond, and in the many more who will become apart of our community.


To explore these 3 Mission Critical Hunches in more detail and to discern God's direction for Open Door's future, please join us at one of our four Living Room Sessions to be hosted by our community of elders called The Steward Team.  Please choose a date or location that is most convenient for you, consider fasting for the day in preparation, and prayerfully consider how God is inviting you to invest in heaven & earth being woven together in the East Bay & Beyond through Holistic Cultivation.