The Lent Project Week 4: Comfort Fast

20150218_the_lent_project_bannerWhat does the “life to the full” that Jesus invites us into look like? How do we find it? And what if the comforts, securities, and pleasures surrounding us might actually distract us that life? We’ll be asking these questions throughout Lent and, each week, we’ll experiment together with a specific practice of denial and fasting to help us stand in solidarity with the Majority World and seek the life of abundance Jesus promised. Each week of Lent will involve stories of practice, hearing the words of Jesus, and invitations into a shared week-long experiment.

Week 4: Comfort Fast (full schedule here)

783 million people in the world lack clean water. 2.5 billion do not have access to basic sanitation. Our everyday reality is filled with countless comforts and luxuries. How might we hear God's voice differently if we went without some of those luxuries?

During this week, we invite you to:

(1) Give up either your bed or warm showers (or both!) in solidarity with the Majority World. (2) Consider how you might hear God's voice speaking in a unique way as you forgo these basic comforts that we take for granted. Based on this week's teaching, pray this prayer throughout the week:

Give me the courage to fall Guide me to fertile soil.

(3) Catalog your journey using #TheLentProject hashtag.