Engage in the Life of the Open Door Family

Yesterday, we posted an update from our Steward Team and at our Gathering, Steward Team shared their thematic goal for the upcoming year: to develop clear on-roads into the life of the Open Door family. Steward Team's focus throughout the year will be to develop and catalyze the resources of Open Door to support this thematic goal, but as was shared last night, it's not possible to "program family!" We will grow together as a family through a combination of (a) Open Door's resourcing (leadership/staff, environments, teaching content, Circle guidance, etc.), (b) each of our personal initiative, and (c) the Holy Spirit's weaving and cultivation. In light of this, will you take some time to reflect on three key areas of engagement in Open Door's life with the following questions:

Engaged Presence

  • How do I prioritize gathering with the family on Sunday evenings?
  • Am I aware of the needs of those in the Open Door family and how do I respond?

Intelligent, Courageous Contribution

  • Am I courageously generous with my resources (i.e. time, finances, talents, ideas)?
  • Do I initiate giving of myself and my resources, or do I wait to be asked?

Movement toward Authentic Relationship

  • How have I recently engaged with someone outside the Gathering? Do we share about how God is moving in our lives?
  • Am I comfortable being my true self with the Open Door family, or do I tend to put up a front?

On January 11, Steward Team will host a wine and cheese night after the Gathering to dialogue and converse about this year's thematic goal and Open Door's movement in these areas.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to any member of Steward Team or email ben@abluedoor.com to reach Steward Team's chair, Ben Johanson.