March 22 Steward Team Update on Staff Transition

no_photoSteward Team Update #2 March 22, 2015

Staffing Update:

At our last meeting, Steward Team member Heidi Brandow presented staffing scenarios that she, Dave and Elizabeth have been working through during their past few meetings. They took into account our current staff’s strengths and the present holes now and in our future. The staffing scenarios considered combinations of the following:

  • Hiring a new Pastor of Missions (Jer’s current role)
  • Hiring a part time or full time pastor to oversee the development of our kids
  • Hiring a part time administrator
  • Shifting Dave’s role into the Pastor of Missions position and hiring a “creative” pastor to oversee gatherings

We developed a list of things that excited us about each scenario as well as any questions and concerns. Additionally, several questions for Dave arose regarding where he sees his strengths and where he hopes to use his giftedness in this next season of Open Door. Heidi will bring these lists back to Dave and Elizabeth to further refine the staffing scenarios.

Steward Team Nomination Update:

Usually, our rotation of Steward Team members takes place in September where two members of the team rotate off and two new members rotate on. Due to Jer’s transition, we decided to move the process up in the calendar year so that Jer can take part in it this year. We plan to launch the nominating process in mid-April with the two new members starting in June. Ben Johanson and Tony Collins will rotate off at the usual time (August) leaving us with a larger Steward Team for 3 months. The increase in members, we hope, will fill any gaps that may arise during the transition.

Any questions or comments can be sent to Steward Team's next meeting is on April 2.

Stay tuned!