Steward Team Candidates and Reconciliation

Tonight, we announced the names of the two candidates for Steward Team. (Two posts from our 2015 transition process lay out the role of Steward Team at Open Door and our nomination process which has been underway the last few months.)

After community nominations were received, a discernment team comprised of a cross-section of leaders at Open Door prayed, affirmed and discerned a smaller list of candidates to present to the current Steward Team. In light of Open Door's current season and next steps, Steward Team prayerfully invited candidates into conversation about joining Steward Team. After their own discernment and prayer, two candidates - Julie Fiske and Nathan McKnelly - accepted the invitation and were announced to Open Door.

Reconciliation is essential to our understanding of God's activity in the world and, as such, believe it to be a necessary practice for us in the Open Door family. Before commissioning Julie and Nate as members of our team of elders, we make space for and invitation into reconciliation. If there is any relational interruption or potential questions you have for either candidate, please prioritize and initiate reconciling conversations with them at this time. If any situation might require mediation or coaching, please be in touch with Dave or another member of Steward Team. 

At the conclusion of this reconciliation stage, we will commission Julie and Nate as members of Open Door's Steward Team (tentatively scheduled for the August 21 Gathering). 

Join us in prayer and reconciliation!