Bay Area Rescue Mission

Lent Project: Extra's Purge Resources & Ideas

On Sunday, April 13th, we'll launch the final of The Lent Project's 6 Practices of Intentional Denial: The Extras Purge. During this week, we're inviting our community to take an inventory of all of your belongings.  How many extra coats, shoes, appliances, electronics, shirts, pants, dishes & pans, etc. do you have?  Face your excess and live generously as you purge your extras.  Perhaps you could initiate an exchange with other friends, donate your extras or give them away.  Perhaps you could pool your extras together with those in our Circle and host a garage sale.  Perhaps we could take an inventory of the surplus of Open Door’s extras so that we could meet tangible needs of those within Open Door as well as those we’re connected with.  If money is raised, what will you do with it?  How could you pool it together with your Circle to invest in the flourishing of others?

Here are some creative ideas for what you could do with your extras:

  1. Host a garage sale by yourself or coordinate one with your Circle or your neighborhood.  Pool the proceeds together with your Circle or others and contribute it to a kingdom-weaving cause that you believe in.
  2. Donate your extras to the local Goodwill, Walnut Creek Presbyterian's Deacon's Cottage, or St. Paul's Trinity Center.
  3. Combine your extras with others and host an exchange or imagine a 2nd-hand boutique experience in collaboration with an organization serving the poor that you believe in. (i.e. The Michael Chavez Center serving Mexican immigrants on the Monument, City Team or Bay Area Rescue Mission serving the homeless and formerly incarcerated, or New Day for Children serving recently trafficked young women.)

Details: December 22, 24, & 29

Tonight! December 22 :: Serving instead of Gathering!!!

Tonight, we will be serving together at The Bay Area Rescue Mission in place of our weekly worship gathering.

bayarealogo What will we be doing? Serving, Eating, & Cleaning up after a meal with the hungry, homeless, and recovering. When is our shift? 4-8pm How do I get there? You could either go directly to The BARM (123 McDonald St., Richmond, CA) or meet at St. Paul's Parking lot @ 3pm to carpool. What should I wear? Dress warm as we'll be serving the meal in an outdoor tent. Is this kid-friendly?  Absolutely. Contact Darrell with questions or for more information.

Christmas Eve, December 24 :: Serving @ City Team

Join an Open Door Team on Christmas Eve Day as we serve together at City Team in Oakland.

What will we be doing? Serving & Cleaning up after a meal with the hungry, homeless, and recovering. When is our shift? 12:30-2:30pm How do I get there? You could either go directly to City Team (722 Washington St. Oakland, CA) or email Heidi for carpooling options. What should I wear? Dress comfortably.  We'll be serving indoors. Is this kid-friendly? Absolutely. Contact Heidi with questions or for more information.

Sunday, December 29 :: Back @ our Gathering...


On the 29th, Jer will be giving his annual "Retrospect" talk in which he will reflect on a year's worth of personal cultivation through relationships & experiences.  Don't miss this evening of teaching through story.

New Hire Communication & Year-End Giving

Our elders are committed to resourcing our mission of cultivating followers of Jesus in 2014.  Our next step is to expand our paid staff from 1.5 to 2.5.

  • 1.5 Staff will equip & mobilize us to become a Worshiping Family.
  • 1 Staff will equip & mobilize us to become a Family on Mission.

Click Here to listen to Brendan's 15 minute explanation. Click Here to read more details on our Blog. Click Here to email Ben Johanson from Steward Team with any questions or for more information.

Here are 3 ways to join together in funding the work that God is calling us to in 2014!

  1. Seed this next step with a year-end gift.  Year-end gifts can be given at our gathering on the 29th and online anytime before December 31.
  2. Contribute monthly to what God is doing.  Start with a set percentage of your annual income or a day or two's wages per month.  You can set up your online account here.
  3. If you are already partnering financially, would you consider increasing your monthly giving by a set percentage or by one day's wages per month?

Open Door's online account number through Dwolla is 812-632-9836