Budget, Values, & Giving in 2014-15

It’s with gratitude to God for what He has done and with anticipation for our next chapter that we offer this year’s budget projections, the values behind them, and a clear invitation to join together in funding what lies ahead.

Steward Team has recently approved our FY 2014-15 (July 1 – June 30) budget at $220,300 that calls for a monthly increase in giving of $5600.  This increase reflects our commitment to hire and resource the staff necessary to help us faithfully live out the vision He’s given us.

Key additions to this year’s budget include:

  1. Salary and benefits for Dave Kludt, Pastor of Community Formation
  2. A salary increase for Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Pastor of Worship
  3. The inclusion of paid child-care for ODC Kids

As Steward Team, we believe in this investment in our Staff for three reasons:

  1. Increased Soul-Care & Formation :: We want to see an increase to and deepening of the soul care and development of The Open Door Community.  Our staff team exists to support, encourage, and release the community to care for & contribute to the formation of one another.
  2. Deepened Experience of Spirit :: We want to deepen in our experience of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit increases among us.  We believe that God has strategically placed Jer, Dave, and Elizabeth here and now, each with a unique set of gifts, to guide us in this deepening.
  3. Expanded Mission & Movement ::  We want to see Spirit-saturated Circles of Jesus followers embedded throughout the East Bay who are Rooted in Christ, Woven together as family, Extending sacrificial love, and Cultivating others to be and do the same.  Our staff team exists to equip, resource, and mobilize those Circles.

We believe strongly that this investment in staff and this increase in budget is necessary and that all that is needed to fund our future already exists within our community.  Will you join Steward Team in giving courageously and consistently as a response to what God has done for us and as a way to join Him in what He’s about to do?

Here are the three primary ways to give monthly to The Open Door Community:

  1. An offering box is available at each gathering.
  2. Mail your contribution to 860 Bancroft Road; Walnut Creek, CA 94598
  3. Online at www.dwolla.com (“The Open Door Community”; ID: 812-632-9836)

Thank you for your courageous generosity that has made this next step possible.  For questions concerning Dwolla or to inquire further about giving to The Open Door Community or our budget, please email Brendan (Treasurer, Resource Team).

Humbly Yours,

Open Door’s Steward Team :: Ben Johanson, Rebecca Olson, Brendan Cheney, Kara Lynch, Tony Collins, Charlene O’Brien, & Jer Swigart