Core Groups

The Core Experiment

You are invited into The Core Relationships Experiment.

This is a 12-week Woven experiment designed to guide us into mutually reciprocal core relationships.  Core Groups are made up of 3-4 people who commit to growing in their understanding and experience of Loving God by Loving Others through communal Rooting practices, authentic storytelling, gracious support, prayer, and accountability.  The experiment begins on March 3rd and concludes on May 19th with an evening of storytelling at our Sunday gathering.

Here are the five-steps into and thru The Core Experiment. Step 1 :: Ask Jesus, "Who are my 2 or 3?" Step 2 ::  Invite your 2 or 3 into the Experiment for the next 12 weeks (March 3-May 19). Step 3 :: Access the 12-Week Suggested Template Step 4 :: Determine time/place/frequency of connection points for the next 12 weeks. Step 5 :: Join us on May 19th for an evening of Storytelling.

If you're new or would like assistance into The Core Experiment:

If you are new or would like assistance entering into the Core Experiment, email and share the following by THIS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25: 1.  A brief and specific paragraph describing who you are. 2.  Your cell phone number. 3.  Where you currently live. (i.e. Central Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Berkeley, North Concord, etc.)

Here's a suggested 12-week template for the Experiment:

Weeks 1-3: Hot Seat. Take one gathering per participant to hear the stories of one another and to ask good questions. Some Guiding Questions for Storytelling include:

  • What have been some of the most life-defining moments of my life?
  • Who have been/are the 2-3 most influential people in my life?  Why?
  • How did my family of origin contribute positively and negatively to who I am?
  • For those following Jesus: When and why did you say “Yes” to following Jesus?
  • For those not following Jesus: What has shaped your perspective of Jesus and where would you place yourself on the following spectrum: disinterested – intrigued – compelled – following.
  • Why did you say “Yes” to the Woven Experiment?

Week 4: Learn of how each other meets with Jesus.  You could also co-create a set of Rooted Practices that you would commit to living out for the remainder of the Woven Experiment. Here’s a potential template for studying the Scriptures, reflecting on our gathering, and paying attention to the content of everyday life:

Observe: What experience, word, phrase, verse, or image stands out to me?

Reflect:  Why this experience, word, phrase, verse, or image?  Why this more than others?

Consider:  What does this experience, word, phrase, verse or image say about:

  • My life? My relationship with God?  My spouse? The way I live out my family life, my recreation, my vocation?
  • What truth does this speak into my life?
  • What am I to stop?  To start?
  • What is God saying to me?

Plan: Today, how am I going to l live in light of this?  What’s the plan?

Account:  Ask God to hold you accountable and His Spirit to empower you to live the plan.

Act: Go and do what you’ve told God you’re going to do.

Weeks 5-12: Utilize the tool from Week 4 for your conversation.  Allow each person from the Core Group time to work through this process.

Observe: What are the realistic observations I’m making of Scripture & everyday life?

Reflect & Discuss: Out loud, reflect honestly, deeply, and intelligently about what God is trying to teach us.

Plan:  Get feedback on the action that I’m sensing I’m supposed to take.

Account & Act: Check in with each other about how you’re living out the action plans each person has developed.  This is the space of communal accountability, encouragement, support, and learning.  Through storytelling, help one another see how Jesus is forming you as you live out what Jesus is telling us to do.

Sunday, May 19: Join us at our Sunday Gathering equipped with stories to tell of how God used this Experiment to form you & to deepen your experience of being a healthy family on mission.