Retrospect, Haiku, and The Unfolding Year

retrospect_web_slider1 As we ended 2014, we spent time in Retrospect, considering three questions:

(1) What were the experiences God used to shape me in 2014? (2) What would I have done differently? (3) How did I get to join God and others in ushering in the world God's making?

January 4 was a beautiful chance to hear some of these stories and to journey together towards the future God's invited us into. As we continue to move forward into 2015, I encourage you to use the time you spent in Retrospect to shape the unfolding year. What steps of faithfulness can you take this year that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the events of 2014? What new thing might God be inviting you into as the year moves forward?

As I've continued to consider these questions, I was struck by some poetic interactions fellow Open Door'er Stan Hasegawa shared with me on the themes of Retrospect. With his permission, I'm sharing them here as an invitation for you to dig deeper into your Retrospect and next steps forward into 2015!

Retrospect as Re-spect:

To seek: Look again for God – Prospect, introspect, Inspect, retrospect.

Retrospect as Honor:

Give weight to God – Examine how we’ve neighbored, worked, played. Live now closer still.

Retrospect as Theology:

Think thoughts after God – What did he, where we’ve lived, worked, played? What does he now?